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Welcome to my visitors platform

This is by no means a comercial website. This page deals exclusively with aircraft I either built or am currently building. Also covered are all aspects of interest I share.If you stumble across any webpage herein featuring prices, these are former sales prices and shall only be considdered comparative. These pages will be replaced sooner or later.

On this page you will learn all about the Fokker-Team-Schorndorf and all that is worth to be known about me  - Achim Engels - and the Fokker-Team-Schordorf. My Family, my friends and I have devoted ourselves to reserach and to preserve the knowledge about the development of aviation in Germany. Our main focus lays on the time up to 1920 and on Fokker´s Company and the history of this manufacturer.

I do sincerely invite you to inform yourself about our work here. The goal is to research all aspects of aviation technlogy as well as history related to it and to share this knowledge with all interested in it.

My intention is to set up a small aviation museum. Focus is supposed to be on German aviation technology and Fokker. The technical details are supposed to be featured by replicas of aircraft parts. Full aircraft are also part of the museum. Part of the exhibition as it is for now already are several aircraft in different stages of contruction: Two Fokker Dr.I, one Fokker D.VIII and one Fokker D.VII, as well as the ptototypeof the D.VI (the V.9). I offer the opportunity to participate in teh construction of these aircraft. Also part of the collection are flying aircraft. Amongst these one Fokker E.III, one Fokker D.VII and one Fokker D.VIII. These three aircraft are on long term loan to TAVAS of Australia under Andrew Carter. By 2030 they will return to Germany in airworthy condition. To house these aircraft in our future museum, we do need a new rooftop that also spans across the courtyard of our two barns. As a trade for such a bern I offer the new Fokker D.VIII that is currently being built. Of course I am open for other ideas. I can imagine to also give away on lifelong loan for free use one or more of the three airworthy in return for such a rooftop. In case of interest just contact me.

I do no longer built airplanes as a business. This website only shows what I do in my spare time.

If anybody wants anything from me he must contact me or get here personally. My home address is:

E n g e l s, Achim
Heubeundstrasse 1, 73116 Waeschenbeuren



On this page you will also find access to my Exhibition at Wäschenbeuren, which also shows my other hobbies. Amongst these are Model building or the restoration of vintage motorbikes and cars.

The Fokker-Team-Schorndorf finances its work exclusively from the haushold budget of the Engels Family. There is no other financial backup. Wherever possible we avoid the use of money at all. However you are welcome to support our work by:

- Providing or purchasing material for our projects

- A donation via PayPal to

- We do need a new rooftop for the creation of the intented museum.


Apart from that you can follow me on Facebook in the following groups of mine:



Flugzeugbau Fokker, alá Engels - zum Mitmachen

Private Sammlung - Wäschenbeuren

Restauration stolzer Hahn





FokD8InDetail146-148.jpg (67033 Byte)

"Fokker D.VIII - In Detail" Now available as download


My Fokker E.III is being prepared for a start. This airplane is on long term loan to TAVAS or Australia and is flown there regulary. By 2030 it will be returned in airworthy condition to Germany. Photo: Andrew Carter TAVAS

Engels E.4 (Replica of theFokker E.III) in flight.


My Logo, the Angel with the ´S´ or in German: Der Engel mit dem ´S´


Engels E.6 (Replica of the Fokker D.VIII) hunting down the Bristol Fighter.

Again my own Replica D.VIII in flight.

Don´t miss: The two unequal Fokker D.VIIs - A story so true that only life can write it.


Bau von Flügelrippen der D.VIII

Latest News as of 18th of November 2020:

Current work: Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.I) I did some more work on my personal triplane. The aircraft may be available as a trade. The control stick grip received all its bowden cable attachments for the triggers and the throttle.

I also did the spent cartrige slide for the right hand gun.

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - Probeweiser Aufbau

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - Cockpit view November 2020 - W.I.P.

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - empty cartridge slide

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - empty cartridge slide

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - empty cartridge slide

14th of November 2020:

The five new control grips for the Fokker Triplane are now done. Four of them are gone, one is still available as a trade. In case of interest, just send an E-Mail. Two of the five I did to represent Richthofens field modification, one is a early style without the dual trigger lever. The last remaining one is mid serial production and could be modified to Richthoifens style.

Apart from that I started to make wall mounts for rudders and display stands for grips. Next year I will continue to make Dr.I rudders to complete my collection of all know cross shapes. I may also do several more for trade.

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - Steuergriffe

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - Steuergriffe

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - Steuergriffe

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - Steuergriffe

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - Steuergriffe

Engels E.1 (Fokker Dr.1) - Steuergriffe

13th of October 2020:

New book release. Finally volume 1 of our new "In Detail" about the making of various Engels E.3s (Fokker D.VII)is out now. This first volume shows how different airplanes (Pre Production, early serial production and late production) looked with respect to their structural detail. It also includes the new airplane recently revealed by TVAL at Masterton, flying in Willy Gabriels Livery of Fok. D.VII 286/18 while it was under construction in my workshop. Volume 2 is under preparation.

Engels E.3 (Fokker D.7) - Deckblatt/Cover Image

28th of September 2020:

Building of the upper wing´s front spar of my reproduction of Fokker D.VII 228/18 is in progress.

Engels E.3 (Fokker D.7) - Behobeln der Holmgurte

Engels E.3 (Fokker D.7) -

Engels E.3 (Fokker D.7) - Behobeln der Holmgurte

Engels E.3 (Fokker D.7) -

Engels E.3 (Fokker D.7) -

22nd of September 2020:

As many of you may know, my dear Alexandra passed away a few months ago. At that time we were in the middle of the creation of our new book about the Fokker D.VII in our "In Detail" series. She was very fond of the project and wanted to see it, but this did not happen.

There is still lots of work to do, but I will now resume work on it. Volume 1 is almost complete and proofread. This volume deals with the structurel details of the various aircraft of the type I built. Volume 2 may still take some time since my interest is to work out all the historic data we have collected over the past decates and to show all the historic details of it´s development.

Engels E.3 (Fokker D.7) - In Detail Band 1         Engels E.3 (Fokker D.7) - In Detail Band 2

September 21st 2020::

Riveting wooden handles to the steel tube structures of Fokker control grips. This style of grip was used with the very late Dr.Is, the D.VI and the D.VIII as well as with very few very early Fokker D.VIIs. Fokker-Team-Schorndorf offers some of these for sale/trade. Only as long as they are available. Of the five of each in the making one of each is already gone.

Construction of control stick grips

Construction of control stick grips

19th of September 2020:

I am laminating the wing spar main beams for the front spar of the Upper wing of my reproduction of Fokker D.VII 228/18.

Bau von Flügelrippen der D.VIII

16th of September 2020:

Current work: All ribs for the new Engels E.6 (Fokker D.VIII) are done. This airplane is available for a trade. In case of interest contact me.

Bau von Flügelrippen der D.VIII

Bau von Flügelrippen der D.VIII

Bau von Flügelrippen der D.VIII

Bau von Flügelrippen der D.VIII

All steps are recorded properly and glueing samples are made for a future registration of the project.

10th of September 2020:

Current work: Building of wing ribs for the Engels E.6 (Fokker D.VIII). Click on the image to see the whole project on Facebook

Making of wing ribs of the D.VIII


7th of September 2020:

My latest work is now available. It details the development and evolution of control coloumn grips of Fokker fighter aircraft up to 1918.

This si the very first time in over 100 years that anybody takes care of this topic, and this although it is quite of interest.

In Detail - Special / Fokker Steuergriffe


"Fokker D.VIII - In Detail"

Now availiable

Titelblatt.jpg (87210 Byte)

Volume 1 - The structure

278 Fotos auf 120 Seiten.


Titelblatt2.jpg (95581 Byte)

Volume 2 - history, colour schemes, reproduction, certification...

80 Photographs, history text, colour plates, use... ... 60 pages.

Both books appear as downloadable files. The quality is much improoved over previous releases in the same series.


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