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The Engels E2 is an attempt to reconstruct and build a most authentic reproduction of the famous 1917 WWI fighter D.III by the German aircraft manufacturer "Pfalz Flugzeugwerke".

The airplane will be part of the realisation of our unique flying museum dream.

This very project is still in a very early phase and will only be fully started after most of our other projects are completed.

Up to now only the rudders have been made as motivation pieces to be hung from our wall.

Following are a few shots of the rudder after and during building.


Eiserneskreuz7.jpg (31432 Byte)

As a master pattern for our reconstruction rudder served the only known original rudder of a Pfalz D.III still in existance and being preserved in Great Britain.

Pfalz1.jpg (27356 Byte)

Based on this original rudder and some more historic documents we have developed a new set of drawings from which we build our pieces. As usual we do not use computer aided design here, but rather more the vintage methode of employing a drawing board a pencil and a ink pen.

1729.jpg (61043 Byte)

The finished rudder, here sporting the cloth of a late production Pfalz D.IIIa. Only the late production models D.IIIa have been seen wearing the five colour printed "Flugzeugstoff" (aircraft linen). The image shows the finished rudder covered with our reproduction linen "Flugzeugstoff".

103.jpg (38289 Byte)

The bending jig for the outline tube of the rudder.


Pfalz2.jpg (36361 Byte)

One of the spacers to keep the hinge area clear of the cover.

Pfalz4.jpg (80590 Byte)

Control horns in the making.


144.jpg (60950 Byte)

Base painted with rust protection.

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