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Limited-edition museum-quality collector´s models 1:15
     Model "Gull" 1889
               ($350 US)
     Pilot Project 1889/90
               ($500 US)
     Derwitz-Apparatus 1891
               ($1,800 US)
     Südende-Apparatus 1892
               ($2,000 US)
     Maihöhe-Rhinow-Apparatus 1893
               ($2,000 US)
     Small Wingbeat-Apparatus 1893
               ($2,600 US)
     Stormwing-Model 1894
               ($2,000 US)
     Support Wing Apparatus 1894
               ($2,300 US)
     Standard Sailplane 1894
               ($2,000 US)
     Large Biplane 1896
               ($2,300 US)

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