SÜDENDE-APPARATUS 1891                                       LILIENTHAL EDITION
  • Scale 1/15
  • Size of the display case 140 mm x 470 mm x 670 mm
  • 100 pieces limited edition, 110 h Handwork
  • Price $ 2,000 US

Early 1892 a new and very carefully designed glider was constructed. Of this one an old construction drawing survived the years which carries the inscription "Über Lehrgerüst gebauter Segelapparat" (in a jig built sail apparatus). The landings with this glider have been that smoth, that Lilienthal often to the surprice of outside spectators landed with it on one leg only. With this pair of wings he reached distances up to 80 meters. To achive this he jumped from the 10 meters high edge of a sandpit at the town of Südende.

Original drawing by Otto Lilienthal

Our model

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