MODEL "GULL" 1889/90                                                  LILIENTHAL EDITION
  • Scale 1/15
  • Size of the display case  50 mm x 200 mm x 760 mm
  • 100 pieces limited edition, 20 h Handwork
  • Price $ 350 US

The first men-carrying experimental wing by Otto Lilienthal. With these he made first attempts to stand in the wind. The results of his experiments have been discribed in written form in his 1889 book "Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst" (bird flight as basis for the art of flying) with the following words:

"If one gets with such wings into the wind, so we can tell from our own expierence, that sheldom one would have imagined the lifting power of the wind in such a strong form, as he might be able to learn then. Without any former practice the human power is simply not strong enough to opperate with such wings in the wind. For this reason, the first result will be that the well calculated and light built apparatus will be carried home in pieces after the first blow of wind."

Our model

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