• Scale 1/15
  • Size of the display case 140 mm x 470 mm x 670 mm
  • 100 pieces limited edition, 100 h Handwork
  • Price $ 2,000 US

To ease the transportation from and to the exercise area, Otto Lilienthal developed in the spring of 1893 his famos foldable wing system acording to the wings of a bat. As early as september of the same year he also got a patent on this system in which he allready mentioned the use of ornithopter movements of the wings. The construction principles of this machine became typical to every of his following developements. His new training area,  a hill formation called "Maihöhe" near the village of Rhinow gave the machine its name.


Take some time and see how a model grows.

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Our model in its display case
The original
Our model
Our model

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