• Scale 1/15
  • Size of the display case 140 mm x 470 mm x 670 mm
  • 100 pieces limited edition, 150 h Handwork
  • Price 5.220,-- DM

Lilienthal was always endeavoured to enlarge the distances of his flights and in connection therewith to achive permanent flight. Therefore he attended carefully to the matter of  wing-beating following the example of  bird wing-beating. In 1893 he developed and built his first wing flapping apparatus. The down-beating of the wings was done by using a special engine that worked on the basis of expanding carbonic acid. The upward movement was done by the force of inertia of the willow-rods and was supported by rubber insulated cords incorporated in the landing wires. Our model displays the small wing-beat apparatus in its form of 1893. At a time when Lilienthal had not yet used his engine and trained the handling of this glider in form of a simple non-flapping glider. Although the model is fully authentic in respect of all moving parts, the inertia of the small willow-rods used to construct it is by far to strong to allow a working moving display.

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Our model

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