LARGE BIPLANE 1895                                                        LILIENTHAL EDITION
  • Scale 1/15
  • Size of the showcase 300 mm x 500 mm x 450 mm
  • 100 pieces limited edition, 130 h Handwork
  • Price $ 2,300 US

Following the small biplane Lilienthal built another, somewhat larger biplane. As basis for its construction he used one of the "Normal-Segelapparate". Concerning this model he wrote in October of 1895 in the "Zeitschrift für Luftschiffahrt": "In addition I have built a larger biplane of together 25 sqm wingarea. The flying quality of this biplane is very good during smoth whether, but by its large wingspan of 7 meters it is difficult to handle in stronger winds." During one day of his experiments on 2nd of August 1896 he was visited by the american physician Robert W.Wood. About his observations Mr. Wood later wrote: "The upper wing, which was located some two meters above the lower wing, was fixed on the top of two bamboo-rods and secured through a lot of wires The machine was fit together that perfect, that it was impossible to find only one weak cable and the fabric was so strong pulled onto, that the whole machinery did sound like a drum if knocked against it with the fingers."

The Large Biplane in flight

Our model

Our model

See our model of the large biplane in its attractive display case.

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