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The Engels E6 is an attempt to reconstruct and build a most authentic reproduction of the famous 1918 WWI fighter D.VIII by the German aircraft manufacturer "Fokker Flugzeugwerke G.m.b.H.".

The airplane will be part of the realisation of our unique flying museum dream.

This very project is in a well advanced stage.

Currently it is on loan with "The Australian Vintage Aviation Society" (TAVAS) where it will be flown until 2030.


Welding work on the fuselage frame.

Welding work on the fuselage frame. All welding is done the way they did it back then with an oxy-athetylene welding torch.

The painted fuselage frame.

Two of the frames during painting. You may also watch a short video clip on youtube that features this step in our workshop. The video does show the painting of Fokker D.VII fuselage frames, but the process still is the same. All steel tubing of the frame is first coated with a base coat of rust protection and than painted with olive green oil paints for authenticity reasons.



Putting the bracing wires in place.

The piano wire fuselage bracing takes about a week per frame to be put in place.

More bracing wires.

With the help of Alexandra this was quite a fun job to do.

Finished fuselage frames await further processing.

Two of the three frames we built are ready for further processing.

The seat is in place.

The seat is made up from a simple aluminum shell that is fabric covered. It is a very light and clever design. The shell is covered with fabric that is doped. Since the fabric under tension seeks the short way around the curve, there is a air cushion comming into existance between the cover and the seat shell. This heats up when sitting in and provides a warm rest for the pilotīs back.


Take a seat, please!

It feels very comfortable.

As simple as the seat is built, the comfortable it feels to sit in.

The machine guns and controls are put in place.

Axle fairing assembly

Alexandra shows the way the undercarriage fairing is built up.

Undercarriage unit assembly.

And here we see how the steel legs and aluminum axle box is put in place inside of the axle fairing.

Alexandra with part of the tailfeathers

The very first rudder is completed.


Rudder attached to the fuselage.

And this is the way it attaches to the fuselage.

Rudder and fin

Rudder and fin are attached to the fuselage for the first time.

Hand painted markings.

All of the markings on these planes are hand painted. Without the use of masking tapes. There is a row of nice vintage footage that shows workers at the factory doing it this way. It is a lovely job to do.

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Spliced control cables

All control cables are spliced.

A rotary engine in it environment

For the first time the engine is in place. In this case it is an interim instellation of a 80 HP Le Rhone. The airplane will eventually be powered by a Oberursel Ur.II 9 cylinder rotary engine of 110 HP.

Cockpit close up. Still some work required.

Almost completed "business office".

The wooden prop

The propeller is almost done.

You may learn more about our wooden propellers at

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This propeller was built by my dear Alexandra. Here we see her posing with it. This one is reproduction of a 2620mm diameter Axial airscrew as udes on the rotaries.Itīs pitch is 220mm.

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The main fuel tank just before riveting and soldering.

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Engine cowling is made from aluminum.

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A look inside of the engine compartment.

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A look inside of the engine compartment.

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2864.jpg (58798 Byte)


2864.jpg (58798 Byte)


2864.jpg (58798 Byte)


2864.jpg (58798 Byte)


2864.jpg (58798 Byte)


2864.jpg (58798 Byte)


2864.jpg (58798 Byte)


2864.jpg (58798 Byte)


2864.jpg (58798 Byte)


2864.jpg (58798 Byte)


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In the following you will see some photographs of the comleted airplane. All test fying willbe done 2011/12.

The airplane is currently based at the aifield of Aalen-Elchingen (EDPA) in Germany

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Visits to the airplane are always possible and encouraged. Photographing also is allowed in all details.

More details, featuring all the facts and hundrets photographs taken during construction are featured in this Forum: THE GREAT WAR IN THE AIR FORUM


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