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Volker Nemsch

Die Fliegerei des

Ersten Weltkrieges

(The Aviation of World War One)

German Edition


Volker Nemsch
Die Fliegerei des
Ersten Weltkrieges

Volker Nemsch introduces his impressive first work here. A collection for the beginner in the topic of the aviation of the first World War. With about 350 historical photos and 3D graphics - from the hand of the well-known graphic artists Mark Miller and Jay Thompson - Volker Nemsch gives here a first-class summary of the development of the aviation during the first great conflict of the world powers at the beginning of this century.

Not only the layman finds interesting information about airplanes, also the opened will learn numerous new things here.

350 Illustrations, 316 pages.

An English edition is currently under preparation!

ISBN 3-930571-71-4

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Nemsch: Die Fliegerei des Ersten Weltkrieges


This book comes a s a CD-Rom. The CD , as usually, contains both, an Acrobat PDF and a MS-Word DOC file. The Acrobat Reader version 5.0 is also included.

The book can easily be read on the screen or can be printed on paper using your printer. When viewed on the screen zooming of up to 500% is readily possible.

Screen-Shots of the MS-Word Version:

Front cover


200 aircraft described including picture and the most importat technical data.

The basic design features of an typical World War One fighter plane are explained at the example of the Albatros D.III. Illustrated using 3D images generated by artist Mark Miller.

The development of aircraft weapons.

350 images do illustrate this beautiful work by Volker Nemsch.







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