New educational Movie showing how planes have been built at that time.

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A new series of filmlets by the Fokker-Team-Schorndorf.

In a great nostalgic and contemporary silent film style old manual craftmanship activities are explained and shown in motion pictures.

If you want to know how the planes have been built, you need to watch these filmlets.

The series will be continued!


FTS Movie No.46002

Load testing of a Fokker E.III monoplane wing rib

This film covers the load test to destruction of a wooden Foker E.III wing rib.

It is amazing and almost unbelievable to see what such a rib design can carry.

This DVD features a German and English version to select from the main menu.

Duration: 6 Minutes

File Format: DVD


Attention foreign  buyers: This DVD is in Pal format. Make sure your DVD player is cabable of switching between regions, otherwise it will not play.

However on request we can offer to burn it as simple MPEG2 DVD compatible movie on CD-Rom. Please specify this request, but make sure the below trailer runs on your computer. It works best using Windows Media Player.

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