New educational Movie showing how planes have been built at that time.

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A new series of filmlets by the Fokker-Team-Schorndorf.

In a great nostalgic and contemporary silent film style old manual craftmanship activities are explained and shown in motion pictures.

If you want to know how the planes have been built, you need to watch these filmlets.

The series will be continued!


Ecucational Movie No.4

Making Of A
Fokker 1917/18
Style Aluminum Seat

Each step of the making of a typical Fokker aluminum seat shell as it was used for such types as the Fokker Dr.I, D.VI, D.VII and E.V/D.VIII of the war years 1917/18 is shown in this movie.

The clip covers the making of the seat shell from 1mm strong aluminum sheet as well as the making of the floor board the covering and instellation of the seat into the frame that holds it in the fuselage.

Duration: 10 Minutes

File Format: DVD Compatible MPG File


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