New educational Movie showing how planes have been built at that time.

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A new series of filmlets by the FokkerNutz.

In a great nostalgic and contemporary silent film style old hands on craftmanship activities are explained and shown in motion pictures.

If you want to know how the planes have been built, you need to watch these filmlets.

The series will be continued!







Educational Movie No.2


This movie shows in very detail the making of an 1918 Axial type wooden airscrew. Selecting the wood, cutting the layers glueing them and shaping of the airscrew is shown.

No other public available movie grants that insight in a very special type of work.

This movie is ideal for everybody who wants to make display or model airscrews. It shows however the making of an airworthy airscrew for an actually flying airplane!

Duration: 14 Minutes

File Format: Downloadable MPEG 2 File

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