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The San Diego Aerospace Museum`s British Mann-Egerton Built Original

SPAD VII - In Detail

In Detail


Spad VII  - In Detail
In this book of our series "Aviation - In Detail" the Authors Michael Aten and Achim Engels discuss the original Spad VII, which is now on display at the San Diego Aerospace Museum, in very detail.

This edition is an unconditional must for every model and scale model builder as well as for those interested in the subject. 127 close up and detail shots explain the structure of the aircraft in every aspect.

Much of interest are the images which have been captured during the restoration of this remarkable and historically important original fighter.
In the appendix of the work you will also find some historical background information that was carefully researched by Michael Aten who also compiled some never before published contemporary photographs.

127 illustrations, 68 Pages

ISBN 3-930571-73-0

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