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      3-930571-70-6-klein.JPG (9314 Byte)

smallnew.gif (947 Byte) Fokker E.III - In Detail smallnew.gif (947 Byte)
By Aten/Engels - Bilingual Edition with text in German and English

A unique and detailed collection of 133 photographs that illustrate the structural features of the Fokker E.III replica of the San Diego Aerospace Museum. This CD-Rom books does not only show every detail of this amazingly accurate replica, but it also provides for the first time historical background information and historic images of genuine Fokker E.III´s as well, including the sole surviving Fokker E.III that is located at the Science Museum at London. And last but not least it contains some interesting information and images on the new "rod control system" that made the monoplane such a dangerous weapon.

Price: $ 15 US
ISBN 3-930571-70-6

      Fokker And His Eindecker

Fokker And His Eindecker
By Michael Aten - Limited Edition Print.

Get yourself a unique limeted edition edition print that tells history. "Fokker And His Eindecker" is a wonderful masterpiece by artist Michael Aten.

Price: $ 35 US


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